Event 1: Steven McKoy Wins it All

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

The six players remaining in the tournament paused the action after Philip Randazzo was sent out to discuss a possible deal to chop up the remaining prizepool.

Steven McKoy was the overall leader but was unhappy with the ICM numbers at the start of negotiations. They even resumed play for three hands before talking themselves into a final deal.

McKoy takes home first place honors along with $42,130 for his victory, including bonus $500 from everyone except Stewart Newman. Back soon with an event recap.

Final numbers:

1st – Steven McKoy $42,130
2nd – Joe Zelnick $34,555
3rd – Carlos Loving $30,923
4th – David Gelley $28,129
5th – Stewart Newman $26,017
6th – Julio Fernandez $22,646

Steven McKoy, Event 1 Champion
Steven McKoy, Event 1 Champion