Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Preparing to Host First of Two Tournaments on 2018-19 WSOP U.S. Circuit Tour

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. (August 3, 2018) – Seminole Casino Coconut Creek will soon be hosting the first of two tournaments on the 2018-2019 World Series of Poker (WSOP) U.S. Circuit.

The initial WSOP tournament at Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, which will span 12 days beginning on Thursday, September 13, will feature a plethora of recreational and amateur players who will ultimately compete in a $1 million guaranteed Main Event, scheduled for September 21-24.

Leading up to the Main Event, a number of other events are scheduled including a $300,000 guaranteed No Limit Hold’em competition and a $100,000 guaranteed Monster Stack event.

Until Friday, September 14, at 11:59 p.m., players will have the opportunity to win a seat into the main event via an online contest as well as secure special hotel rates. Please visit Coco Poker for more details.

Following the September tournament, the WSOP will return to Seminole Casino Coconut Creek, February 7-18, 2019. The WSOP U.S. Circuit’s 15th season, which got underway August 2,  offers a record 28 stops, all linked by a points system tied to the WSOP gold-bracelet awarding, $1 million-plus prize pool and season-culminating Global Casino Championship.

The 2018-19 WSOP season features more benefits for players, including more starting chips and new price points.

2018 World Series of Poker Circuit Schedule — September 13-24

Ring Event Schedule:

1Thu13-Sep11am$400NLH Re-Entry ($50,000 Gtd) (One Day)Structure
2AFri14-Sep11am$400Flight A: NLH Re-Entry($300,000 Gtd)Structure
2BFri14-Sep4pm$400Flight B: NLH Re-Entry ($300,000 Gtd)Structure
2CSat15-Sep11am$400Flight C: NLH Re-Entry ($300,000 Gtd)Structure
2DSat15-Sep4pm$400Flight D: NLH Re-Entry ($300,000 Gtd)Structure
2Sun16-Sep12pm--Day 2--
3Sun16-Sep11am$1,125 NLH Re-Entry ($50,000 Gtd)Structure
3Mon17-Sep1pm--Day 2--
4Mon17-Sep11am$400NLH Double Stack Turbo Re-Entry ($50,000 Gtd) (One Day)Structure
5Mon17-Sep4pm$400NLH Re-EntryStructure
5Tue18-Sep2pm--Day 2--
6ATue18-Sep11am$400Day 1A: Monster Stack Re-Entry ($100,000 Gtd)Structure
6BWed19-Sep11am400Day 1B: Monster Stack Re-Entry ($100,000 Gtd)Structure
6Thu20-Sep1pm--Day 2--
7Wed19-Sep4pm$600PLO Re-Entry ($15,000 Gtd)Structure
7Thu20-Sep2pm--Day 2--
8Thu20-Sep11am$600NLH Turbo Re-Entry (One Day)Structure
9Thu20-Sep4pm$2,200 High Roller Re-Entry ($50,000 Gtd)Structure
9Fri21-Sep2pm--Day 2--
10AFri21-Sep11am$1,700 Day 1A: Main Event Single Re-Entry Per Flight ($1M Gtd)Structure
10BSat22-Sep11am$1,700 Day 1B: Main Event Single Re-Entry Per Flight ($1M Gtd)Structure
10Sun23-Sep12pm--Day 2--
10Mon24-Sep12pm--Day 3 (Final Table)--
11Sat22-Sep4pm$250NLH Turbo Re-Entry (One Day)Structure
--Sun23-Sep10am$250Seniors NLH (Ring Event) ($25,000 Gtd)Structure
12Sun23-Sep4pm$400NLH Re-EntryStructure
12Mon23-Sep2pm--Day 2--

Secondary/Satellite Event Schedule:

13Thu13-Sep9am$65Event 1 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
14Thu13-Sep4pm$250Main Event Mega SatelliteStructure
15Thu13-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
16Fri14-Sep9am$65Event 2 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
17Fri14-Sep2pm$65Event 2 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
18Fri14-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
19Sat15-Sep9am$65Event 2 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
20Sat15-Sep2pm$65Event 2 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
21Sat15-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
22Sun16-Sep9am$100Event 3 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
23Sun16-Sep4pm$250Main Event Mega SatelliteStructure
24Sun16-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
25Mon17-Sep9am$65Event 4 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
26Mon17-Sep2pm$65Event 5 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
27Mon17-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-Entry ($20,000 Gtd)Structure
28Tue18-Sep9am$65Event 6 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
29Tue18-Sep2pm$65Event 6 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
30Tue18-Sep4pm$250Main Event Mega SatelliteStructure
31Tue18-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
32Wed19-Sep9am$65Event 6 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
33Wed19-Sep2pm$65Event 7 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
34Wed19-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-Entry ($20,000 Gtd)Structure
35Thu20-Sep9am$65Event 8 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
36Thu20-Sep12pm$250Main Event Mega Satellite (10 Seats Gtd)Structure
37Thu20-Sep2pm$390High Roller Turbo Mega SatelliteStructure
38Thu20-Sep4pm$250Main Event Mega Satellite (10 Seats Gtd)Structure
39Thu20-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
40Thu20-Sep9pm$250Main Event Turbo Mega Satellite (3 Seats Gtd)Structure
41Fri21-Sep9am$250Main Event Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
42Fri21-Sep2pm$250Main Event Mega Satellite (5 Seats Gtd)Structure
43Fri21-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
44Fri21-Sep9pm$250Main Event Turbo Mega Satellite (3 Seats Gtd)Structure
45Sat22-Sep9am$250Main Event Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
46Sat22-Sep2pm$65Event 11 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
47Sat22-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
48Sun23-Sep9am$65Event 12 Mega Turbo SatelliteStructure
49Sun23-Sep6pm$135Nightly NLH Re-EntryStructure
50Mon24-Sep9am$65Turbo Mega SatelliteStructure
51Mon24-Sep11am$250NLH (Deep Stack)Structure

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