Event 1: 7th Place – Philip Randazzo ($7,675)

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 50k/100k/15k ante

It looked like they were going to settle in for a long grind but the average stack was now just 19 big blinds. Even so, the next big hand seemed to be a calm affair. Philip Randazzo and Steven McKoy were playing a nice pot with McKoy calling a flop bet with the board reading 9c8c4c. Randazzo slowed down on the Ts turn and called a 500,000 bet from McKoy.

The Th prompted Randazzo to say all-in and McKoy had the calling chips in the middle almost before the words were out of his mouth. It was an easy call with Quads TcTd to send the calm hand into a knockout hand. Randazzo said he had pocket Fours for the flopped set but he is now gone in 7th place for $7,675.

The remaining six players have paused the action to discuss and ICM deal.

Philip Randazzo
Philip Randazzo