Championship: In the Money

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 16: 2,000/4,000/500 Ante
Players Remaining: 45 of 331

John Depersio
John Depersio

The 2016 Coco Poker Open Championship is officially in the money after two quick hands. Glenn Becker put the field on the bubble when he sent one player out with aces versus jacks in a small blind/big blind battle.

After the bubble rules were issued, dealers¬†were told to deal one hand and stand up. It didn’t take long for John Depersio to put his final 44,000 in the middle from early position and Mike LaRocca called in the small blind.

And then they waited.

They were instructed to not table their hands until action was complete at all other tables and it took a few minutes to get it don. It was one of those so-called “classic race” situations when the hand was ready to run. Depersio¬†needed to find some help with AsKd against LaRocca’s QsQc and they had more than a little sweat after the JdTc9d flop.

The 9h turn left Depersio with only three outs to stay alive but LaRocca hit the overkill straight on the Ks river to put the Championship into the money with 45 players remaining.

On a side note, LaRocca had a friendly wager with nearby competitor Brett Bader on the number of hands to burst the bubble. LaRocca had the over on five hands to lose the bet but drag some chips.

John Depersio (standing, right) sees the river end his Championship run
John Depersio (standing, right) sees the river end his Championship run