Championship: Chan’s Aces Leave a Mark on O’Hara

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 11: 600/1,200/200 Ante
Players Remaining: 99 of 331

Marco Chan
Marco Chan

Marco Chan opened from late position for 2,600 and Ian O’Hara came along from the small blind.

Flop: QdTs8h

O’Hara checked. Chan bet 3,700 and O’Hara called.

Turn: QdTs8h2s

O’Hara checked again. Chan bet 8,100 and O’Hara called. O’Hara, who began the day with 62,700, was committing a notable portion of his stack to the hand.

River: QdTs8h2s3d

O’Hara checked a third time. Chan reached deep into his stack and bet 12,800. O’Hara verified the bet with the dealer and thought for a minute or two. He called and Chan turned over AcAh for an overpair. O’Hara mucked and was left with less than 20,000.

Marco Chan – 143,500
Ian O’Hara – 19,500