Championship: 5th Place – Kegel ($67,842)

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship

Blinds 15k/30k/5k ante

Tim Kegel (Hollywood) $67,842
Tim Kegel (Hollywood)

Tim Kegel moves all in for 400k and Shannon Shorr calls.

Kegel: AcKc
Shorr: 2h2s

Flop: KhJh8d (Kegel leads, pair of Kings)

Turn: 9h (Shorr adds flush draw)

River: 7h

Shorr hits his flush on the river and is now the chip leader with 4.3 million.

Kegel is out in 5th place for $67,842.

“It’s way up there,” says Kegel who earns his largest career recorded live cash.

“This tournament is a lot of fun. Dimas and I have been at the same table for the last few days. All the they guys have been great,” he says.

This is Kegel’s third cash of the series here at Coconut Creek after finishing 7th in the Seniors (Event 9) and in Event 1 ($560) pushing is combined series earnings to $70,000.

“Not bad, says Kegel, “I just wish I could’ve played a little longer.”

Kegel is 53-years-old and worsk in the horse racing industry.