Championship: 4th Place – Dimas ($90,366)

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship

Dimas Martinez (Atlanta, GA)  $90,366
Dimas Martinez (Atlanta, GA)

Dimas Martinez is all in for 1.6 million and James Calderaro gets the exact count before making the call.

Martinez: AdKc
Calderaro: TdTs

“I hate to do it to you, but Ace in the window,” urges Martinez.

Flop: Qh5c4c (Calderaro still leads)

Turn: 9c

“Here it comes,” says Martinez, who adds a flush draw to his two over cards.

River: Qd

A blank on the river gives Calderaro the winner with two pairs, Tens and Queens. He’s now virtually even with Shannon Shorr for the chip lead.

Martinez, the most entertaining person at the final table, finishes in fourth place for $90,366.

“I feel good,” says Martin, “it’s the best I’ve ever cashed.”

Martinez calls himself a “Georgia boy,” but is originally from Queens, New York.

“I loved it,” he says about his time at Coconut Creek, “It was up and down, I felt like I was at Coney Island.”

Martinez is 40 years old and the owner of Spanish Mafia Records saying, “I try and bring all kinds of people together no matter where they’re from.”

Martinez had his sister Shareese Freeman on the rail, along with his best friend Donnell Dais. “We’ll be back,” says Dais, who has his eye on the next Hard Rock series at Hollywood beginning March 27th.

“I would have liked to put my name on the title,”  says Dimas, “But God is good, it’s not my time.”

Final Three Chip Counts

Shannon Shorr 5.38 million
James Calderaro 5.34 million
Keven Stammen 1.7 million

Dias (left) on the Rail  Along with Lily Kiletto (right) who is supporting James Calderero
Dias (left) on the Rail Along with Lily Kiletto (right)
who is supporting James Calderero