Event 1: Stuart Greenbaum – 7th Place ($7,722); Scott Wyler – 6th Place ($10,098)

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 28: 50,000/100,000/10,000 Ante

Stuart Greenbaum (Hollywood, FL)
Stuart Greenbaum (Hollywood, FL)

Under the gun, Scott Wyler moves all in for 470,000. Stuart Greenbaum calls all in for 450,000 two seats over, and action folds to Michael Ortiz’s big blind.

“All right,” he says, taking a sip of his wine. “I’m getting too good of math not to.” He calls with the covering stack, and both opponents are at risk.

Wyler: AhTs
Greenbaum: TdTh
Ortiz: Jd8d

The board runs out KsJc8s2h6h, and Ortiz wins the pot with jacks up. He eliminates two players, with Greenbaum taking seventh place and Wyler sixth.

Michael Ortiz – 3,275,000 (33 bb)
Scott Wyler – Eliminated in 6th Place ($10,098)
Stuart Greenbaum – Eliminated in 7th Place ($7,722)

Scott Wyler (Ocean Ridge, FL)
Scott Wyler (Ocean Ridge, FL)