Main Event Day 1C: Raminder Singh Moving Higher

$1,100 RunGood Main Event (Re-Entry)
$200,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 8:  400/800 with a 800 ante
Day 1C Entries:  230

Raminder Singh

While the rest of the field was leaving on their second break, defending champ Raminder Singh was deep in a hand. With the flop reading AcKc3d, Singh bet 8,000 and his opponent called.

The turn came Qh, Singh bet another 6,500 and his opponent raised to 11,500. Singh called, the river was 3s and he bet 16,000. His opponent thought for a minute, tossed in a call, and mucked when Singh showed Ah8h for aces up with an eight kicker.

Raminder Singh – 119,500 (149 bb)