Kevin Dubrocq Wins Ambassador Bounty in Five-Way Deal

2022 RunGood Poker Series
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Event 5
$150 RunGood Ambassador Bounty (Re-Entry)
$20,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  336
Prize Pool:  $40,320
April 27, 2022

Kevin Dubrocq, RunGood Ambassador Bounty champ

The last warmup before the RunGood Main Event was a fun tournament on Wednesday evening. The $150 RunGood Ambassador Bounty packed the Poker Room with 336 entries and Kevin Dubrocq took the title for $5,857 after a five-way deal at the final table.

The tournament had a $20,000 guarantee and the huge crowd more than doubled that amount to put $40,320 up for grabs. But other incentives were available if anyone knocked out one of the 10 RunGood Ambassadors; ranging from a $50 RunGood gift card to a $200 NYY Steak gift certificate to straight $1,000 in cash.

The tournament was a lot of fun and our players had a great time throughout the evening. They reached the final table late in the evening and the last five players chopped up the remaining prize pool with Dubrocq taking the biggest piece, the Event 5 title, and the RunGood trophy.


1stKevin Dubrocq$5,857 *
2ndClayton Miller$4,544 *
3rdJordan Oken$4,521 *
4thRobert Leff$4,449 *
5thRaymond Speck$3,699 *
6thIan Shulman$1,597
7thSteven Bennett$1,341
8thRobert Kessler$1,101
9thAaron Allen$866
10thDevin Batista$730
11thSerban Tomuta$730
12thJohn Costello$730
13thJonathan Jimenez$621
14thJoseph Murphy$621
15thJohn Gonzalez$621
16thMaxton Goncalves$516
17thMichael Wexler$516
18thAndre Bryan$516
19thJoseph Romeo$425
20thAdam Alfonso$425
21stJeffrey Silverstein$425
22ndJennifer Aguilar$347
23rdKristopher Burchfield$347
24thJose Aponte$347
25thDean Stevenson$300
26thNicholas Visconti$300
27thDaniel Shortley$300
28thLee Stewart$254
29thRichard Coppola$254
30thMichael Stewartson$254
31stFabian Aviles$254
32ndFabio Santos$254
33rdKevin Keenoy$254
34thAndrew Daire$254
35thStanley Grandon$254
36thJohn Brown$254
37thOmar Sader$207
38thAndrei Kolesnikov$207
39thChristopher Conrad$207
40thMelissa Mancini$207
41stEric Pearl$207
42ndDariel Martinez$207

* – denotes results of a five-way deal