Event 7: Nice Turnout

$240 Omaha Hi/Lo (Re-Entry)
Level 2: 100/200 Limits

Robert Campbell (Miami, FL)
Robert Campbell (Miami, FL)

Event 7 is building itself into a nice little field this afternoon. The tournament needed to attract over 50 players to surpass the guarantee and the entrant count hit 49 during the second level. No worries on getting there with four more levels of late registration.

Robert Campbell is back in the Pavilion and looking to make it an even dozen Omaha/8 tournaments wins. He has been winning these tournaments since his first in 1993 and sports two more in the last 12 months for 11 titles in the game. The only Omaha/8 tournament on the 2014 Coco Poker Open was of the Pot Limit variety and Campbell took that one down last September.

We will keep an eye on the count as the day progresses and we find some front-runners.