Event 6: Double in the Money

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 16: 3,000/6,000/500 Ante

Kevin Chan (Coral Springs, FL)
Kevin Chan (Coral Springs, FL)

There were only 19 players in action but the fast pace slowed down once they hit hand-for-hand. Lisa Teebagy managed a double up through Javier Zarco, just after Zarco caught a double through Ryan Van Sanford.

It took 11 hands and more than 30 minutes before they finally hit the money with a double knockout. There were two all-ins called, one on Table 4 and one on Table 5. Steven Karp needed help with KcQc against Kevin Chan’s 9h9c to stay alive.

He missed his over cards on the 7c3c2c flop but added a flush draw. Chan dodged the remaining outs on the 3h turn and Ad river to send Karp out of the tournament.

While that hand was running, T.K. Miles was all-in with 9d9h and dominated by Scott Efron’s JhJd. It was a drama-free Kh6s4d5s3c board to send the hand to Efron. After counting down the stacks, Efron barely had Miles covered to send him out.

Since they went out on the same hand at different tables, Miles and Karp chopped up $1,121 for the co-18th place finish.

Table 4
Seat 1: Christian Rodriguez
Seat 2: Josh Hillock
Seat 3: Matthew Yorra
Seat 4: Sean Shah
Seat 5: Ryan Van Sanford
Seat 6: Michael LaRocca
Seat 7: Scott Efron
Seat 8: Darryll Fish
Seat 9: Ron Cheatwood

Table 5
Seat 1: Trevor Doughty
Seat 2: Nagui Yassa
Seat 3: Kevin Chan
Seat 4: Empty
Seat 5: Jason Brewer
Seat 6: Jose Parra
Seat 7: Dimitry Agrachov
Seat 8: Javier Zarco
Seat 9: Lisa Teebagy

1st: $30,224
2nd: $17,550
3rd: $11,213
4th: $7,898
5th: $6,094
6th: $4,631
7th: $3,608
8th: $2,681
9th: $1,901
10-12th: $1,511
13-15th: $1,268
16-18th: $1,121