Event 6 Day 1G: Adam Levy’s Aces Burst the Bubble

$350  No Limit Hold’em
Level 16: 3,000/6,000/50 Ante
Players Remaining: 10/109

Adam Levy's aces busts kings on the money bubble
Adam Levy’s aces busts kings on the money bubble.

The theme during the late stages of Flight G of Event 6 was aces versus kings. First, with 12 players left, Josh Wasserman picked up aces to bust an opponent’s kings. Then, on the money bubble, Adam Levy picked up aces and eventually sent the 11th-place finishers’ kings home yet again. What’s more, both Wasserman and Levy flopped aces improving to sets and giving their respective opponents almost no sweat in the hand.

Levy’s hand burst the bubble and left the remaining 10 players in the money. Play has now concluded for the evening. Wasserman claims over 200,000 chips and will bag the Flight G lead. Other to advance include Levy, Joseph Patalano and Michael Newman.

Complete counts will be posted shortly.

Josh Wasserman's aces bust kings
Josh Wasserman’s aces bust kings to send the tournament to the money bubble.