Event 6: Berger Bleeding Chips, D’Angelo Doubles

$1,100 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

After losing a big pot against Vlad Varlashin, Seth Berger ships an 88k double-up to Ryan D’Angelo with the chips all in preflop.

Berger: 99
D’Angelo: AQ

Flop: J-T-J (D’Angelo, gutterball)

Turn: K (D’Angelo straight)

River: 6

Broadway for D’Angelo takes him to 175k, while Berger drops to just under 200k.

Varlashin is the chip leader while Francisco Gomez is the short stack.

Chip Counts

Vlad Varlashin (Krasnodar, Russia) 455k
Seth Berger (Woodbury, New York) 195k
Ryan D’Angelo (Brooklyn, NY) 175k
Francisco Gomez (Lakeland) 95k