Event 6: 4th Place – D’Angelo

$1,100 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

Blinds 1.5k/3k/400 ante

Ryan D’Angelo (Brooklyn, NY)  $7,410
Ryan D’Angelo (Brooklyn, NY)

Ryan D’Angelo and Seth Berger see a flop of Jc5c3s.

D’Angelo checks
Berger bets 10k
D’Angelo raises to 25k
Berger calls

Turn: 10h

D’Angelo bets 35k
Berger calls

River: 10d

D’Angelo moves all in for 110k
Berger snap calls

D’Angelo AxAh (pair of Aces)
Berger KdTc (trip Ts)

D’Angelo can’t believe his Aces are cracked and throws his cards cross the table in frustration.

“Good luck guys,” says D’Angelo as he walks away in 4th place for $7,410.

D’Angelo has nearly $1.5 million in career recorded tournament earnings, including a win at the WPT World Championship last year.