Event 5: Keeping it Friendly

$130 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 4: 150/300/25 Ante

As mentioned previously, this event is essentially a copy of the weekly Monday tournament, which is usually held upstairs here at Seminole Coconut Creek. There’s a change of scenery and a little more juice in the prizepool this time around, though, with $25,000 guaranteed in the Pavilion.

Many of the players are weekly regulars in this tournament, and the event feels as much like a home game as it does a trophy event. The room is full of joking and laughter and good-natured banter; it’s hard to imagine anyone having a bad time this evening.

Even the floor staff are doing their best to keep the mood light. A moment ago, one of them made an announcement on the microphone: “Remember,” he began. “The motto at Coconut Creek is, ‘If you’re not rebuying, you’re not trying.'”

Re-entry is available until 10:20 this evening.