Event 4: Wendy Freedman eliminated in 8th, updated chip counts

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

Blinds 15K/30K Ante 5K

Dennis Rodriguez opened to 75K from the button and Wendy Freedman moved all in from the big blind. Rodriguez snap called with pocket Kings leading Freedman to say “are you serious” as she turned over Tens. The board changed nothing and Wendy wished the rest of the table good luck as she went to collect her 8th place winnings. Approximate chip counts as players take a 10 minute break:

SeatNameChip Count
1Darryl Fish800K
2Jonathan Marks1.4 million
3Ray Nalbandian725K
4Dennis Rodriguez985K
5Harold Lamm150K
6Jermaine Phang1.8 million
7Jason San375K


Wendy Freedman
Wendy Freedman