Event 4: 9th Place, Patrick Heneghan – $2,079

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

Blinds 15K/30K Ante 5K

Patrick Heneghan and Jermaine Phang got it all in pre-flop with Patrick holding KhKs and Jermaine AcKc. The flop came Qh2c2d keeping Heneghan in the lead. The Jh on the turn changed nothing and Phang said “how about an ace.” The dealer didn’t put out an Ace on the river. He did, however, put out the Td. “Broadway,” said Phang and a disappointed Patrick slammed his fist on the table as he was eliminated with that cruel river card. This was Heneghan’s 2nd deep run this week as he also went deep in Event 1. He takes home just over 2K for his finish in this tournament.