Event 2: Green Goes Out on Bubble

$240 Pot Limit Omaha Eight or Better (Re-Entry)

Jeff Green (West Palm Beach) Bubble Boy - $0
Jeff Green (West Palm Beach)
10th Place –  $0

In a close count between Jeff Green & Michael Moed, Green is just a few chips short and finishes in 10th place, one spot from the money.

Green flops a set of Kings on a board of K-6-4 and is all in for 24k against Moed’s baby flush draw with A-Q-2-3. But Moed gets the fortunate run out of T-J for the rivered straight.

While Green is the bubble boy, the players were able to help him out with a parting gift that is helping ease the pain.

The final 9 players are now in the money for a min cash of $354 as they play for the $4,014 top prize.

Moed (right) Watches Green Count Down his Stack
Moed (right) Watches Green
Count Down his Stack