Event 1: Two fall, down to 24

$560 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Blinds 12K/24K Ante 3K

With the flop showing Ac9s5d, Enrique Roman led out for 103K into a pot of approximately 150K. Ryan Bunes raised it up to 230K and after thinking for a few moments, Roman made the call. The turn was the 2h and Roman checked and Bunes did not think too long before moving all in for his last 356K. Enrique again thought about what to do, and nodded his head while announcing a call. He turned over AdQc and drew the admiration of his table mates when Ryan could only turn over AsTs. The river was no help for Bunes and he is our 26th place finisher, collecting $1,917 for his efforts.

Stuart Paterson was also eliminated. He finished in 25th place also taking home $1,917.

Ryan Bunes
Ryan Bunes