Event 12: Andrew Turzak — 7th Place ($1,020)

$130 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack (Re-Entry)
Level 22: 12,000/24,000/3,000 Ante
Total Entries: 6 of 258

Andrew Turzak
Andrew Turzak

In a heads up pot versus Peter Chin, Andrew Turzak shoved about 350,000 on a KcTs4d5h turn. Chin called and had Turzak’s 5d3d at risk holding 8s8h.

River: Jh

Chin’s pair of eights held and he eliminated Andrew Turzak in 7th place.

Updated 10-handed final table results:

7th: Andrew Turzak – $1,020
8th: Misty Abeln – $750
9th: David Jalava – $540
10th: Evan Dollinger – $420