Event 1: Run for the Cage

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 5k/10k/1k ante

Players are off on another break as the staff race off the 500’s and they will return with nice even blinds. The post-bubble activity saw more than one table disappear from the tournament and just 76 remain to enjoy their 15-minute time off.

Jessica Dawley regaled us with a story about how she is lucky to not be standing at the cage after the bubble. She picked up pocket Aces for the first time this tournament and a solid player at her table just called on the button. That move enticed the small blind to move all-in with Nines and Dawley moved all-in over the top.

The solid player let his hand go, pocket Tens face up, only to see a Ten come on the flop and the case Ten on the turn. Dawley is still around and doing well.

Recent eliminations:

77thGary Viebahn$679
78thTim Myers$679
79thMarla Crumpler$679
80thJonathan Ounjian$679
81stHeidi Erickson$679
82ndDavid Nowling$620
83rdScott McInnis$620
84thRobert Allen$620
85thJason Gross$620
86thDerek Nguyen$620
87thLeandro Peirano$620
88thLloyd Nastase$620
89thVictor Shkurka$620
90thBassel Eissa$620