Event 1: Bubble Pops

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Blinds: 4k/8k/500 ante

The bubble process was a drawn out affair with long hands, critical floor decisions, and nearly an entire level. There was almost no hand-for-hand action as Glen Cressman had put an opponent all-in while they were still counting players.

Action was stopped waiting for it to play out when Cressman shoved with the board reading KdJs6h8c and Scott Costa was taking his good time making up his mind. Cressman eventually called the clock and earned a call with one more player to act. Costa’s tank seemed to be an attempt to entice a call from the last player in the hand but he only picked up a fold. Cressman was drawing to just two outs with 6c5d against KcJc and missed them both.

The hand-for-hand process went around three times, at 10 minutes per hand, before there was another all-in called at Table 7 after the Qs5d5c flop. After action was complete on all other tables, they flipped their hands to see the damage.

Scott Zakheim saw his KcKd was outflopped by Ac5h and needed help. The turn blanked but the table yelled when the dealer dropped the Ks on the river. It was a tough way to go out on the bubble and the unfortunate bubble player wished to keep his (or her?) name off the site.

The hand put the final 90 players in the money and we expect the pace to ramp back up.