Event 1: In the Money

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 17: 4,000/8,000/500 Ante

Ron Cheatwood (Ft Myers, FL)
Ron Cheatwood (Ft Myers, FL) is the Event 1 bubble

They certainly worked fast getting to the money bubble but they were in no hurry once they went to hand-for-hand action. It took 13 total hands, one at a time, and most of Level 16 to finally get down to 90 players.

There were a half dozen double ups during that time with no eliminations. Evan Teitelbaum was second in chips at the start of play but ran his stack down to 55,000 before he needed a double of his own.

Scott Efron was very short but caught best in a three-way all-in versus Angelo Miele and Lisa Teebagy, no shorties were harmed.

They finally got there when the micro-stacked “Captain Ron” Cheatwood moved all-in with Qc5h and Yves Fequiere quickly called with 9s9h. They had to wait for their fate as the other tables finished up but Cheatwood never found help as the dealer spread Kd7s3sAh2d.

Yves Fequiere (right) knocks out Ron Cheatwood (middle)
Yves Fequiere (right) knocks out Ron Cheatwood (middle)

The hand put them in the money after a long stretch of little action. Everyone is guaranteed $593 but looking at the top payout of $73,094.

1st: $73,094
2nd: $42,471
3rd: $28,215
4th: $18,860
5th: $13,068
6th: $10,098
7th: $7,722
8th: $5,643
9th: $4,010
10 – 12th: $2,881
13 – 15th: $2,257
16 – 18th: $1,901
19 – 27th: $1,604
28 – 36th: $1,366
37 – 45th: $1,158
46 – 54th: $1,010
55 – 63rd: $891
64 – 72nd: $772
73 – 81st: $683
82 – 90th: $593