Event 1: Fast to the Final

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 24: 20,000/40,000/5,000 Ante

Players are usually a little rammy jammy after a long dinner break but this went faster than anyone expected. In less than a level, they went from 16 players remaining to the final table ten.

Stick with us:

Kyle Fleischman was the first at risk when he found himself all-in and in trouble with As7s against Steve Raeman’s AcAh. He flopped a flush draw on the KsTs3h board but never got there to go out in 16th.

Stuart Greenbaum was up to bat shortly afterwards with his AsQs dominated by Jeffrey Trudeau’s AcKh. The bad beat came right on the Qc8h4s flop and 1,150,000 was sent to Greenbaum.

On Table 3, Albert Efremoff had David Albertson all-in but needed help for the KO. Efremoff’s AdQh was well behind QsQd but the AcJhTsAs8c board changed that to send another player out in quick succession.

Steve Raeman took another one out, this time it was Vito Polera losing a race when his nines lost to a flopped flush with Raeman’s AcKc. Polera was gone in 14th and everyone was shocked, there were only 15 minutes off the clock since dinner.

Jeffrey Trudeau, Jr never bounced back from giving more than a million to Greenbaum and lost a flip when his KcJs failed to improve against John Depersio’s 7h7d. From second place to out in 13th, not what Trudeau expected after dinner.

Greenbaum directly took out the next one when he had Andrew Black dominated with KdKh against 6h6c to put them on the final table bubble.

They got there when Guillermo Hamilton moved all-in from the button with JhTs and David MacDonald called with 6h6d. The AsKh8sKd5s board sent Hamilton out and everyone else to the ten-handed final table.

11th: Guillermo Hamilton – $2,881
12th: Andrew Blake – $2,881
13th: Jeffrey Trudeau, Jr -$2,257
14th: Vito Polera – $2,257
15th: David Albertson – $2,257
16th: Kyle Fleischmann – $1,901