Event 1 (Day 1E): Weitzenkorn Still Leads; Lövgren Re-Enters

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 9: 600/1,200/200 Ante

Players have returned for the last level with open registration or re-entry only two buy-ins short of 200 entrants. A recent re-enter came from Sofia Lövgren when she hit the rail just before the break. Another recent casualty was Jacquelyn Scott but we have no information about her coming back in.

Dan Weitzenkorn made the most of his last four levels and extended his chip lead as the only player over 100,000. Vendel Johnson rode his elimination of TJ Shulman to take his spot on the leaderboard while Iman Dan backed up a little since his highmark.

Dan Weitzenkorn – 114,600 (96 bb)
Vendel Johnson – 82,300 (69 bb)
Joe Patalano – 50,500 (42 bb)
Iman Dan – 34,700 (29 bb)
Sofia Lövgren – 16,000 (13 bb)