Event 1 Day 1B: McAnulty Spikes a Straight

$130 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 6: 300/600/25 Ante

Patrick McAnulty (Sparta, Wisc.)
Patrick McAnulty (Sparta, Wisc.)

Patrick McAnulty’s prayers were answered as he got the last of his short stack in holding pocket threes. He was facing off against the pocket tens of one opponent and the K-J of another.

The flop fell 5c4c2c improving McAnulty to a straight draw. A queen on the turn was no help to any player. The river fell with a fury when the dealer burned and turned the Ad completing McAnulty’s unlikely straight. He busted the player holding pocket tens and doubled through the K-J.

McAnulty, a traveling poker dealer and floor supervisor, now holds about 8,500 chips heading to the first break.