David Albertson Wins Event 1 RunGood Ring

2021 RunGood Series
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Event 1
$250 Super Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$25,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  376
Prize Pool:  $77,080
August 23-25, 2021

David Albertson, RunGood Event 1 Champion

We kicked off our first RunGood series with a multi-flight tournament that was a huge success. The $250 Super Stack Event 1 field reached 376 entries and David Albertson took home $13,585 for the win along with the RunGood ring.

The turnout more than tripled the $25,000 guarantee to put $77,080 in the prize pool. We had 49 players survivor their opening flight and enter Day 2 already in the money.

Lisa Teebagy returned for Day 2 with the chip lead and stayed at the top of the counts for most of the day as the field dropped towards the final table. She was still up top when the last nine players gathered as one and it looked like she was going to roll over the table wielding her massive stack.

Meanwhile, Albertson was steadily sticking around the top of the counts until they were three-handed. Mark Cannon ran his tens into the aces of Albertson for a huge pot, catapulting him into the lead, and they quickly agreed to divide up the remaining prize pool down the middle.

Teebagy earned $13,584 for the runner-up finish while Albertson took home his $13,585 top prize along with the shiny RunGood ring.

Final table results:

1st: David Albertson – $13,585 + RunGood Ring *
2nd: Lisa Teebagy – $13,584 *
3rd: Mark Cannon – $7,194
4th: Stephen Smith – $4,756
5th: Eric Piderit – $3,661
6th: John Holley – $3,033
7th: Brandon Schwartz – $2,540
8th: Pedro Palacio – $2,067
9th: Mark Lafata – $1,598
* – denotes results of heads-up deal

Full Event 1 results:

1stDavid Albertson$13,585
2ndLisa Teebagy$13,584
3rdMark Cannon$7,194
4thStephen Smith$4,756
5thEric Piderit$3,661
6thJohn Holley Iii$3,033
7thBrandon Schwartz$2,540
8thPedro Palacio$2,067
9thMark Lafata$1,598
10thJoseph Duchman$1,341
11thAndrew Daire$1,341
12thCarlos Rodriguez Rojas$1,341
13thSteven Cohen$1,129
14thBradford Corner$1,129
15thDany Blackburn$1,129
16thRonnie Tate$925
17thRoni Zelichonok$925
18thBenjamin Geurs$925
19thLawrence Gradus$771
20thIsolda White$771
21stHyman Friedman$771
22ndDennis Howe$640
23rdBradley Wexler$640
24thStephen Fredlund$640
25thJesse Fujarczyk$540
26thScott Baumstein$540
27thHarry Silver$540
28thAndre Bryan$439
29thAllen Kerlin$439
30thMatthew Zarcadoolas$439
31stMichael Storms$439
32ndJonathan Shapiro$439
33rdFarid Dridi$439
34thGil Nachum$439
35thAmin Hosein$439
36thRichard Kelleher$439
37thTrung Tran$401
38thHoward Mash$401
39thWilliam Edward Stanton$401
40thDaniel Genachte$401
41stDouglas Behrens$401
42ndGregory Spinder$401
43rdJeffrey Morrison$401
44thMarco Rodriguez$401
45thJeffrey Niedelman$401
46thMichael Larkin$366
47thDavid Coughlin$366
48thMark Gruber$366
49thMarcelo Opazo Costa$366