Christopher Barnes Wins RunGood Super Stack After Five-Way Deal

2022 RunGood Poker Series
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Event 1
$400 Super Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  798
Prize Pool:  $259,350
April 21-24, 2022

Christopher Barnes, RunGood Super Stack champion

We kicked off the 2022 RunGood Poker Series with a $400 Super Stack tournament that attracted 798 entries over three starting flights. Christopher Barnes was among the leaders for most of the tournament and, in the end, took the title along with $30,954 after a five-way deal at the final table.

The opening tournament of the series featured a $100,000 guarantee that was quickly surpassed and our players combined to create a prize pool worth $259,350. The 101 players returning for Day 2 were in the money and the field quickly cruised down to the last nine players.

Matthew Zarcadoolas, Peter Fellows, and Rebecca Dellagloria were eliminated from the final table soon after it formed and Mike Wetcher was knocked out before the last five players went on break.

They decided to look at the numbers and quickly came to an agreement to divide up the remaining prize pool. James Salmon, Dimitry Agrachov, Yayun Liu, and Carlos all took home some big money but Barnes took the top prize of $30,954 as the chip leader.

Barnes also earned a seat in the 2022 RunGood All-Stars ProAM taking place in Las Vegas in December.

Congrats Christopher!


1stChristopher Barnes$30,954 *
2ndCarlos Rojas$26,439 *
3rdYayun Liu$26,199 *
4thDimitry Agrachov$22,498 *
5thJames Salmon$20,781 *
6thMike Wetcher$9,370
7thRebecca Dellagloria$7,755
8thPeter Fellows$6,167
9thMatthew Zarcadoolas$4,624
10thPedro Palacio$3,799
11thAndrew Miller$3,799
12thAlbert Barney Jr$3,799
13thSkip McDonough$3,008
14thClaudio Piedrabuena$3,008
15thChad Summers$3,008
16thNicholas Bennett$2,495
17thSmith Bonami$2,495
18thDan Blackburn$2,495
19thYuval Bronshtein$2,049
20thRichard Chouinard$2,049
21stMark Gaudino$2,049
22ndRaynner Martinez$1,738
23rdRichard Davis$1,738
24thRichard Rice$1,738
25thCharles Odenz$1,439
26thCharles Townsend$1,439
27thJulio Ruiz$1,439
28thBlake Robinson$1,196
29thJuan Endara$1,196
30thAndre Bryan$1,196
31stJustin Bilski$1,196
32ndFrancois Gagne$1,196
33rdMetin Guner$1,196
34thMyles Kublin$1,196
35thChad Lipton$1,196
36thRichard De Carvalho Saunders$1,196
37thJorge Gomez$1,040
38thHoward Mash$1,040
39thJarom Best$1,040
40thRandy Belfiore$1,040
41stGil Aboodi$1,040
42ndRaminder Singh$1,040
43rdPhilip Whitaker$1,040
44thEugene Calden$1,040
45thLucas Mendes$1,040
46thVictor Taieb$923
47thWillie Wiggins$923
48thBruce McPhillips$923
49thNicolas Ling$923
50thMartin Borras$923
51stBrian Fay$923
52ndRiccardo Andreoli$923
53rdEduardo Moucherek$923
54thJean Leblond$923
55thLuis Dominguez Nunez$835
56thNancy Birnbaum$835
57thEmberson Pieretti$835
58thMichael Newman$835
59thBenjamin Robinson$835
60thSamuel Leff$835
61stDavid Inselberg$835
62ndCameron Storto$835
63rdAkeelo Rhoden$835
64thLisa Teebagy$760
65thMelissa Kaiser$760
66thDaniel Bueno Almada$760
67thGuillermo Vilchez$760
68thRaymond Speck$760
69thJoseph Hernon$760
70thRoss Wilner$760
71stTodd Nery$760
72ndPaul Valenzu$760
73rdRonald Johnston$692
74thJulio Delgado$692
75thMatthew Bretzfield$692
76thJeffrey Silverstein$692
77thPeter Horenstein$692
78thDaniel Velasco$692
79thDavid Williams$692
80thJonathan Marcu$692
81stRicardo Velasco$692
82ndEric Polirer$635
83rdLoni Hui$635
84thPierre Armster Jr$635
85thErrol Massey$635
86thPapa Karn$635
87thAbilio Rocha$635
88thShamica Lamar$635
89thLeroy Grant$635
90thRichard Whitebrook$635
91stSteven Karp$578
92ndJustin Lerner$578
93rdHagai Stein$578
94thJoseph Murphy$578
95thRudy Vazquez$578
96thShawn Ali Mauvais$578
97thCourtland Twyman$578
98thSolange Lucas$578
99thMark Cannon$578
100thAthanasios Polychronopoulos$524
101stEric Polirer$524

* – denotes results of a five-way deal