Championship: Winzeler Bluffs Van Sanford

2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 6K/12K/1K ante

Ryan Van Sanford opened for 26,000 and found one caller in Hans Winzeler. The flop came 8c7s7d and Van Sanford led out for 38,000 and was called by the chip leader. The turn was the 5d and Van Sanford bet again, this time for 69,000. Winzeler again called.

The river was the 7h and Van Sanford sat still for about twenty seconds before tapping the table. Winzeler thought for a moment and put out a bet of just under 100,000. Van Sanford folded quickly and Winzeler turned over Td9d for a draw that didn’t get there.