Championship: 17th Place – Mike Beasley ($8,000)

2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 6K/12K/1K ante

Mike Beasley opened for 26,000 and it was folded to Cliff Gladstone in the blinds who made it 61,000 to go. Beasley made the call and the two would see a flop of Js6h3s. Gladstone led out for 35,000 and Beasley made the call.

The turn was the 5h and Gladstone moved all in for an effective 140,000. Beasley went into the tank, taking time to pay the cocktail waitress for his food, and Gladstone eventually called the clock. Once he did that, Beasley quickly grabbed a stack of chips and slapped them down in the middle to indicate a call.

Beasley turned over 7s7d and would need to hit a seven or four on the river as Gladstone had the over pair with KdKc. The river was the Qs and Gladstone pumped his fists in celebration as Beasley was eliminated in 17th place for $8,000.

Mike Beasley -17th Place ($8,000)
Mike Beasley -17th Place ($8,000)