Championship: Van Sanford Triples

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 18: 3,000/6,000/1,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 29 of 331

Ryan Van Sanford
Ryan Van Sanford

We missed the start of the preflop betting but we saw a three-bet from Mike LaRocca on the button to 35,000. Ryan Van Sanford called in the big blind and Jacob Snider moved four-bet shoved.

LaRocca took his time, standing up, and saying “there’s no way I fold this hand.” He moved all-in as well before Snider and LaRocca witnessed a snap call from Van Sanford. And it was on.

Snider: KdKh
LaRocca: KsKc
Van Sanford: AsAd

The adjacent table joined the rail around the table but the aces never had a sweat as the board ran Tc3d2d3cJs to send the needed triple to the former WPT champ.

Jacob Snider – 240,000 (40 bb)
Ryan Van Sanford – 190,000 (32 bb)
Mike LaRocca – 88,000 (15 bb)


Meanwhile on Table 16, Hans Winzeler and Brett Bader went into a preflop raising war that saw them racing with Bader’s AxKx against JxJx. An ace on the river ended Winzeler’s day and moved Bader near the lead.

Jacob Snider awaits his fates
Jacob Snider awaits his fates