Championship: Shah Moves over Patel

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 17: 2,500/5,000/500 Ante
Players Remaining: 32 of 331

Sean Shah
Sean Shah

It wasn’t a milestone hand but two of the big stacks had a little battle that changed the┬átop of the leaderboard. Sean Shah opened to 12,000 from the button and Kunal Patel called in the big blind to see the 9d8d3s flop.

Patel check/raised to 39,000 after Shah bet out for 11,500 and Shah took his time to think about it. After a few moments, Shah moved out a big stack of 5K chips after announcing 110,000.

Patel only took a few seconds before releasing his hand. It wasn’t a huge pot but it was enough to move Shah over Patel in the counts.

Sean Shah – 580,000 (97 bb)
Kunal Patel – 574,000 (96 bb)