Championship: Reigning SHRP POY Prociak Short to Start Level 4

$1,100 Coco Poker Showdown Championship
Level 4: 150/300 with a 25 ante
Entries: 129

David Prociak

Reigning Seminole Hard Rock Poker Player of the Year David Prociak holds 6,500 chips to start Level 4. On the last hand of Level 3, Prociak was in a heads-up pot with a board of Qc5d4c3h2d. Prociak bet and his opponent shoved for 13,500. Prociak called and the opponent flipped over 6h3s for a six-high straight. Prociak’s hand hit the muck and he sent a double-up across the table.

As the 2016 SHRP Player of the Year, David Prociak earned a free entry into each of the 10 SHRP Championships. This still marks entry number one in Coconut Creek, so he’s short, but freerolling.

David Prociak – 6,500