Championship: Inside Lewin, Michael

WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship

Blinds 800/1,600/200 ante
117 players remaining, 106k avg (66 bb)

Lewin Leads at 500k
Lewin Leads at 500k

On a flop of Th6s5s, Michael Lewin (Delray Beach) check-calls 14k from Robert Panitch.

Turn: 7s

Lewin checks, Panitch bets 40k, Lewin moves all in, Panitch snap calls for 160k more.

Lewin: AsTs (nut flush)
Panitch: AdKs (Ace high, drawing dead)

After a close count, Lewin has Panitch covered and gets a virtual double-up to 500k and is the clear chip leader, ~200k ahead of the nearest stack.

Panitch, who earlier in the day was a top three stack, is on the rail.