Championship: Guarino Triples with Boat

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 11: 600/1,200/200 Ante

Joelle Guarino (Parkland, FL)
Joelle Guarino (Parkland, FL)

We finally had a big pot play out and it was a three-handed affair between Joe Levitt, Joelle Guarino, and Nathan Horton. Seemed a pretty standard hand until the turn left the board reading 6h6d2s3d. Then things went pretty quickly.

All the chips went in the middle with Norton having the other two covered but all three thinking they had a good shot at the hand.

Levitt: 5d4d
Guarino: 3c3h
Horton: QhQs

Horton had the best hand until the turn when the three-ball gave Levitt a straight and Guarino a full hose. Horton was left drawing to four outs for the bigger boat which was more likely than Levitt hitting his straight flush.

The river was a blank Ks to give Guarino the triple up to 80,000 while Levitt picked up a tiny side pot. It didn’t do him much good and he was gone shortly afterwards while Horton grinds along.