Championship: Depersio's Time to Triple

$2,500 Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 12: 800/1,600/200 Ante

John Depersio (Parkland, FL)
John Depersio (Parkland, FL)

We caught up with the hand after John Depersio was all-in against Alberto Rodriguez and Mark Johnson. Depersio was under ten big blinds and needed to make a move.

Rodriguez and Johnson checked it all the way down until the board read KhTc9d3cQh. Depersion quickly tabled the rivered straight AcJh to beat Johnson’s 7c7s and Rodriguez AdQx. The hand moved Depersio up to 60,000 while it was just a small blip against Rodriguez and Johnson.

There’s still very little movement among most of the tables. Besides Guarino and Depersion triple ups, Scott Efron caught a needed double while Harrison Gimbel was sent out. Another table was recently broken to get the field down to 117, still a long way from the money with the average stack at 55 big blinds.