Championship Day 1B: TK Miles Chipping Up

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 6: 200/400/50 Ante
Day 1B Players: 189

TK Miles
TK Miles

TK Miles is on the heels of an ultra-successful 2016 Seminole Hard Rock Poker season that saw the Miami Beach native come second in the Player of the Year race. As such, he earned entries into a handful of events, one of which is the Coco Poker Open Championship. His free berth is paying off so far as he’s chipped up to 32,500 from 25,000 starting chips.

Most recently, Miles was in a four-way pot on an 8h4d3d board. David Diaz checked from the big blind and the under the gun player bet 1,700. Miles was next to ask and he raised to 5,500. The remaining players in the hand folded and Miles raked a small pot.

While he’s far from the leaders, his 32,500-chip stack is good for more than 80 big blinds.

TK Miles – 32,500