Championship Day 1B: A Timely Turn for Genachte’s Set

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 4: 100/200/25 Ante
Day 1B Players: 158

Daniel Genachte
Daniel Genachte

According to the table, Coco Poker Open Event 1 final tablist Daniel Genachte opened and the player on his left three-bet. Genachte called and they saw a Kx9xXx flop. A flurry of bets, raises and all-ins saw Genachte with the opportunity to bust a player.

Opponent: KxKx for top set
Genachte: 9x9x for a set of nines

There was little sweat as the turn fell a 9x improving Genachte to quads. The river came a dud and his opponent was left with kings-full — second best best to Genachte’s quads.

Genachte earned the pot and now sits with 72,000.

Daniel Genachte – 72,000