Championship: Daniel Genachte – 13th Place ($9,500)

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 23: 10,000/20,000/2,000 Ante
Players Remaining: 12 of 331

Daniel Genachte
Daniel Genachte

Ian O’Hara opened to 45,000 and Daniel Genachte three-bet shoved for his last 160,000. Genachte was ahead with Ac4d but O’Hara had two live cards.

O’Hara added more outs with an open-ended straight draw after the QdTd3h flop and he had Genachte drawing dead on the straight-completing Ah turn.

Ian O’Hara – 1,125,000 (56 bb)
Daniel Genachte – Eliminated in 13th place ($9,500)