Championship: Blumenfeld Eliminated by Tran

Coco Poker Open Championship
Level 12: 800/1,600/200 Ante
Players Remaining: 81 of 331

Neil Blumenfeld
Neil Blumenfeld

Neil Blumenfeld, under the cover of his signature hat, was in the small blind in a heads-up pot against Nash Tran in the big blind. Blumenfeld, who held about 35,000, lead for 10,000 on a JhTd2c7s board. Tran pushed forward a stack of gray 5,000 chips and Blumenfeld mentioned he couldn’t fold at this point. He called off the remainder of his stack.

Blumenfeld’s QsJs top pair was in a world of hurt against the KsKd overpair of Tran. The river fell the 9s and Blumenfeld was eliminated by Tran.

Best known for his 3rd-place finish and nearly $3,400,000 score in last year’s World Series of Poker Main Event, Blumenfeld is a regular on the South Florida felt. His run at a tournament title will have to wait, though.

Nash Tran – 203,000
Neil Blumenfeld – Eliminated