Championship: 31st Through 36th Place ($6,000)

$2,500 No Limit Hold’em Championship Event
Blinds: 3K/6k/1K ante

Adam Adler was eliminated by Noah Schwartz when he moved all in for slightly less than 50K with AhTd and was dominated by Schwartz and his AdJh. The board would run out 7c3h2s4s9s and Schwartz’s jack kicker would play to give him the pot. This leaves us with 30 players with approximately five minutes left in the level. Players will be going on a 15-minute break and we’ll have updated chip counts shortly after.

Here are the 31st through 36th place eliminations:

31stAdam Adler$6,000.00
32ndEmmanuel Santos$6,000.00
33rdJames Giordano$6,000.00
34thMatt Waxman$6,000.00
35thAngelo Miele$6,000.00
36thPreecha Taepakdee$6,000.00