Tournament Updates

Event 9:  $1,650 Six-Max Purple Chip Bounty NLH (Re-entry)

Play is very deliberate. Most hands are taking upwards of 2-3 minutes as the remaining four think through every decision. Approximate chip counts as they play blinds of 3K/6K with a 1K ante are Harrison Gimbel with 550K, Victor Figueroa with 375K, Joey Weissman with 375K and Chad Richard is the short stack with 125K (still over 20 big blinds though).


Championship Event: $3,500 NLHE (Re-entry)

They are under 100 players as they play Level 9. Play will end at the completion of Level 10, which is less than 90 minutes from now. Jordan Cristos continues to lead with 240K but Matt Waxman is nipping at his heels as he has chipped up to 170K.


Event 11: $200 Double Green Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em (Re-entry)

We’re down to 7 in this event playing at blinds of 400/800 with a 100 ante. Jason Bartholomew, winner of Event 1, is among the players still in the running.