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Monster Stack: Rodney Moret-Rojas Wins His First Major Title in Monster Stack

2018 World Series of Poker Circuit
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, Florida
Event 7
$365 Monster Stack (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed
Entries: 538
Prize Pool: $196,370
February 14-15, 2018

The WSOP Circuit Monster Stack lived up to its name and reputation. The $365 buy-in tournament had a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool which they nearly doubled by the time registration closed. Out of the 538 entries, tournament newcomer Rodney Moret-Rojas outlasted a tough field and circuit regular Justin Harvell heads-up to win his first WSOP Circuit ring.

The tournament prize pool hit $196,370 with the huge turnout and 54 players walked away with some money. They burst the money bubble shortly before the end of Day 1 when eight-time WSOP Circuit champ Ari Engel went out in 55th. Local favorite Matthew Yorra returned for Day 2 with a huge chip lead but several bad beats brought him back to the field.

Day 2 went from 32 returning players to the final table in less than four hours. Moret-Rojas held a significant lead with ten players remaining, his 3 million-chip stack more than double the second-place stack. The lead did not hold as Harvell moved to the top as players hit the rail.

Moret-Rojas took back the advantage during the two-hour heads-up match and Harvell was never able to come back, settling for second place money after two long days of play.

Harvell picked up $21,455 for his runner-up finish and another close call from the circuit regular. This was his 15th career WSOP Circuit cash and eight of them ended with a final table finish including two second-place results.

Moret-Rojas earned the biggest cash of his career and the first major title for the Pot Limit Omaha cash game grinder. He’s celebrating his 11th anniversary with his wife this weekend and has a little more in his pocket to spend on his better half.

Monster Stack results:

1st: Rodney Moret-Rojas – $34,704 + Gold Ring
2nd: Justin Harvell – $21,455
3rd: Joseph Biegler – $15,674
4th: Kammar Andries – $11,619
5th: Bryce McVay – $8,738
6th: Aaron Miles – $6,666
7th: Matthew Yorra – $5,157
8th: Jeff Bohanek – $4,046
9th: Michael Kopjanski – $3,220
10th: Michael Chesney – $2,597
11th: Carlos Rodriguez – $2,597
12th: Steven Bennett – $2,597
13th: Theophilus Lawson – $2,124
14th: Jesse Cohen – $2,124
15th: Thomas Grey – $2,124
16th: Nigel Murray – $1,759
17th: James Bomar, Jr. – $1,759
18th: Jonathan Hilton – $1,759
19th: Mark Dube – $1,477
20th: Trent Smith – $1,477
21st: Scott Hart – $1,477
22nd: Barbara Cardin – $1,256
23rd: Mark Harmon – $1,256
24th: Charles Horton – $1,256
25th: John Thorpe – $1,081
26th: Russell Williams – $1,081
27th: Steven Olek – 1,081
28th: Brian Hou – $944
29th: Matthew Howard – $944
30th: Joseph Jarboe – $944
31st: Joseph Pieloch – $834
32nd: Sean Shah – $834
33rd: Francis Margaglione – $834
34th: Jeffrey Sutherland – $747
35th: Ricardo Valim – $747
36th: Robert Tannenbaum – $747
37th: Jonathan Gold – $676
38th: George Duffield – $676
39th: Hyndi Khomutetsky – $676
40th: Christopher Blanco – $676
41st: A.J. Kelsall – $676
42nd: Steve Novak – $676
43rd: Earl Gallegos – $676
44th: Miguel Russo – $676
45th: Joshua Lowing – $676
46th: Eric Mutschler – $620
47th: Todd Jacobson – $620
48th: Henry Miller – $620
49th: Charles Winfield – $620
50th: Melissa Dube – $620
51st: Joseph Galdieri – $620
52nd: Joseph De Lucia – $620
53rd: Rudy Vazquez – $620
54th: Steven Touitou – $620

Monster Stack: Justin Harvell Out in 2nd; Rodney Moret-Rojas Wins the Ring

$365 Monster Stack (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 32: 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante

Justin Harvell

Rodney Moret-Rojas extended his lead again and Justin Harvell put his last 1,230,000 in the middle after Moret-Rojas raised the button. The shove was quickly called and the hands were tabled.

Harvell: Kc2d
Moret-Rojas: AsJc

Moret-Rojas was ahead against Harvell’s two live cards and ace-high was good after the 9d8h5s4hTs board to end the Monster Stack. Harvell finished second for another close call to earn a ring while Moret-Rojas earned his first major title along with $34,704.

1st: Rodney Moret-Rojas – $34,704 + Gold Ring
2nd: Justin Harvell – $21,455

Rodney Moret-Rojas

Monster Stack: Justin Harvell Doubles Through Rodney Moret-Rojas

$365 Monster Stack (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 31: 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2 of 538

Justin Harvell

Justin Harvell limped his button and Rodney Moret-Rojas raised to 325,000. Harvell moved all in for 1,715,000 and Moret-Rojas quickly called.

Moret-Rojas: KhKc
Harvell: Qh4d

Moret-Rojas was in good shape to take home the ring right then if his hand could hold. Harvell caught a piece of the AsQd2s flop but still needed help to stay in the game. The 9s turn was a blank but the 4s river saved his chance at the ring.

Seat 6: Rodney Moret-Rojas – 7,260,000 (73 bb)
Seat 8: Justin Harvell – 3,500,000 (35 bb)

Monster Stack: Rodney Moret-Rojas Moving Up

$365 Monster Stack (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 31: 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2 of 538

The status quo changed over the course of another two hands. On the first, Rodney Moret-Rojas bet 500,000 with the board reading 9c9s5sTs and Justin Harvell called.

Moret-Rojas tossed out another 500,000 after the 7d river and Harvell called. Moret-Rojas tabled AdTc to get a muck from Harvell.

Then Harvell opened to 225,000 from the button and Moret-Rojas raised to 1,200,000. Harvell shook his head and gave up the pot.

Seat 6: Rodney Moret-Rojas – 8,060,000 (81 bb)
Seat 8: Justin Harvell – 2,700,000 (27 bb)

Monster Stack: No Rush

$365 Monster Stack (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 31: 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2 of 538

No rush so far in the heads-up match with few major pots over the first half of the new levels. Justin Harvell pulled back some chips when he moved all in after Rodney-Moret Rojas limp-raised his button from 225,000 to 600,000. No call but Harvell moved closer to evening up the match.

Seat 6: Rodney Moret-Rojas – 5,910,000 (59 bb)
Seat 8: Justin Harvell – 4,850,000 (49 bb)