Ray Henson Scooped in Biggest Pot of Session

RunGood All-Stars Cash Game

Jamie Kerstetter sent a tweet before the cash game for a little contest. She asked her followers to guess the size of the biggest pot before 10 pm and the guesses came in.

“Times running out,” she joked with the table. “We need a big pot.”

After a series of pot-sized betting, Kerstetter, Boston Rob Mariano, and short-stack Ray Henson had all their chips in the middle. The pot grew to $2,670 with Boston Rob Mariano having the other two covered.

6d4c2d9d4s – first board
9h4h2c8cKc – second board

Going from back to front, Henson showed 9c7s3d2h for nines and deuces on both boards. Both times he was good on the turn but bad on the river.

Mariano had AdAsKs8h and the 4s river on the first board counterfeited Henson to give Boston Rob the bigger two pair, aces and fours.

Kerstetter showed AcKdKh5s and the Kc river on the second board gave her a set of kings for the other half of the pot.

“How do these two rivers come and I get scooped,” Henson asked as he reached into his pocket for another buy-in.