Rafael Indriago Salazar Dominates to Win NLH/PLO Mix

2016 Coco Poker Open
Seminole Casino Coconut Creek
Coconut Creek, FL
Event #4
$240 No Limit Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha
Entries: 59
Prize Pool: $20,000
September 23, 2016


The fourth tournament on the 2016 Coco Poker Open schedule was a mixed game that had plenty of action. Event 4 drew 59 players to the No Limit Hold’em / Pot Limit Omaha tournament and they switched up the game every nine hands. When all the dust was settled, Rafael Indriago Salazar was the last player standingĀ and was crowned the winner.

The entrant field was just shy of the number needed to hit the $20,000 guaranteed prize pool, so that is what they had up for grabs. The last nine players were set to earn a piece of the money and they were on the money bubble at the ten-handed final table six hours after getting underway.

Despite the ever-increasing blinds, it still took nearly two hours for them to get in the money and it happened when Jordan Chizick was eliminated in 10th place. It was a slow, deliberate pace until there were only three players remaining.

Salazar was the dominant force at the final table throughout and was responsible for sending all but one player off. Mike Bruyere was the only player to avoid the Salazar heater, it was Israel de la Cerda sending him out in 3rd place.

The two remaining players quickly decided on a chop deal to split the remaining money. Salazar held the big chip lead and was awarded $6,000 along with the title of Coco Poker Open champion.

Event 5 results:

1st: Rafael Indriago Salazar $6,000
2nd: Israel de la Cerda $5,000
3rd: Mike Bruyere $2,600
4th: Evan Dollinger $1,800
5th: Zach Milchman $1,400
6th: Larry Gradus $1,100
7th: David Shmuel $900
8th: Anonymouse $700
9th: John Song $500