Main Event: Lloyd Gunther – 9th Place ($21,034)

$1,700 Main Event (Single Re-Entry)
$1M Guaranteed
 | Payouts
Level 30: 50,000/100,000 with a 10,000 Ante
Players remaining: 8 of 735

Lloyd Gunther

Sheddy Siddiqui opened to 200,000 from the hijack and Lloyd Gunther moved all in for 1,135,000 from the cutoff. Cesar Solares called from the button and Siddiqui folded.

Solares: QcQh
Gunther: KsTh

Gunther needed help against the queens but found no love on the 9h5d4s8h6s board to go out in ninth place.

Cesar Solares – 4,800,000 (48 bb)
Lloyd Gunther – Eliminated in 9th place ($21,034)