Main Event: Josh Richison Eliminated by David Bradshaw

$1,675 WSOP Circuit Main Event
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 12: 600/1,200 with a 200
Flight B Entries: 449 (Total Entries: 819)

David Bradshaw

David Bradshaw limped under the gun, the button followed suit, and Josh Richison moved all in for 13,000 from the small blind. Only Bradshaw came along to put Richison at risk.

Richison: 7h7s
Bradshaw: AhTh

Richison needed his pair to hold for his double and he faded the 9d6c3s flop. The As turn put Bradshaw in the lead and he made overkill aces-up on the Td to send Richison, the third-place finisher in the multi-day opening event, out with less than an hour remaining in registration.

David Bradshaw – 78,000
Josh Richison – Eliminated