Main Event: Dimitrii Perfilev Defeats Sheddy Siddiqui for the Title

$1,700 Main Event (Single Re-Entry)
$1M Guaranteed
 | Payouts
Level 35: 150,000/300,000 with a 50,000 Ante

Dmitrii Perfilev

Sheddy Siddiqui needed to make a move to get back in the match after dropping down to 4,000,000. He moved all in from the button and Dimitrii Perilev called to win the title.

Siddiqui: QhTc
Perfilev: KsJd

Perfilev was ahead, Siddiqui was live, and the board ran out 9c8s3s2h5c to give Perfilev the pot and the tournament. Siddiqui earned $137,298 for his great run to second place while Dimitrii Perfilev collected $222,691 along with the WSOP Circuit ring as the Main Event champion.

Tournament recap to come.

1st: Dmitrii Perfilev – $222,691 + WSOP Circuit ring
2nd: Sheddy Siddiqui – $137,298