Main Event: Dafney Adisson versus Farid Jattin

$1,675 WSOP Circuit Main Event
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 16: 1,500/3,000 with a 500 ante
Players Remaining: 135 of 827

Dafney Adisson (Seat 1) and Farid Jattin (Seat 2)

Board: 6s5c2s8h8s

There was already a pile of chips in the middle and Dafney Adisson was out of position against recent Tampa Winter Poker Open Main Event Championship Farid Jattin. Adisson lead for 27,000 and Jattin took a moment before raising to 87,000. Adisson snapped and turned over 6h6d for sixes full. Jattin exposed 5s5h for fives full and surrendered the pot.

Dafney Adisson – 138,000 (46 bb)
Farid Jattin – 41,000 (13 bb)